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South America Political Map with Countries & Capitals

The South America Political Map is one of the most important maps in the world. It shows the relationships between countries in South America, and is used by diplomats and other officials to make decisions. The map is also used by students to learn about Latin American history.

South America Political Map

south america political map


South America is the largest and most diverse continent on Earth. It’s made up of 23 countries, all with different cultures and languages. The region spans from the northern reaches of Argentina to the southern tip of Chile, and from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil to the Andes Mountains in Colombia. There are vast deserts, snow-capped peaks, raging rivers, and lush jungles – all within a single continent!

The countries in South America are scattered among three major regions: North America, Europe, and South America. North America is made up of Canada and the United States. Europe includes Central and Eastern Europe as well as parts of Southern Europe. South America includes every country south of Central America, including Caribbean islands like Cuba and Haiti.


south america political map


Labeled Political Map Of South America

South America is one of the most diverse continents on Earth. Spanning from northernmost Chile to southernmost Argentina, it offers a unique and diverse set of cultures and landscapes. This political map illustrates some of the most important cities in South America.

Cordoba, Argentina is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Meccanoteca Cordobesa, which showcases the Islamic art of Andalusia. In Santiago, Chile, you can find world-class museums like the Museum of Fine Arts and National Museum of History. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife. Finally, Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital and has a rich history dating back to 1536.

labeled political map of south america


South America has a rich and varied cultural heritage, with a variety of languages spoken throughout the region. Geographically, South America is divided into three large land masses: The Americas, Europe, and Africa. While each continent has its own unique culture and history, the political geography of South America largely reflects this diversity.

The following is a map of South America that shows each state’s name and its capital city. There are 23 states in all; the largest by population is Brazil with over 200 million inhabitants, while the smallest by population is Suriname with just over 60,000 people.

Political Map Of South America With Capitals

Since the time of Christopher Columbus, Europeans have sought to explore and conquer South America. There were multiple motives for this: economic, political, and religious. European powers competed for control of the region, and its vast resources. This competition has continued to this day, with various countries vying for power in South America.

political map of south america with capitals


For centuries, South America was divided among a number of European colonial powers. The most influential were Spain and Portugal. Other colonial powers included the Netherlands, France, England, Belgium, and Italy. The colonies were largely divided along racial lines: white Europeans on the continent’s coastal areas, black Africans in the interior, and Native Americans in between. This system resulted in massive human rights abuses by all parties involved.

South America Political Map With Countries And Capitals

When studying South America, it is important to have a political map at hand. This map will show which countries are in which continent and help you understand the history and politics of the region. Here are some benefits of using a South America political map:

  • -It will help you understand the geography and history of the region.
  • -It will show which countries are in which continent.
  • -You can use it to identify potential conflict zones.
  • -It can be used to find economic opportunities.
  • -It can be used to make business decisions.

south america political map with countries and capitals


The current political state of South America is one of flux. The region has seen a number of dramatic changes in the past year, with new governments taking hold in countries like Venezuela and Argentina. This has created uncertainty and instability across the continent, with implications for regional security and economic stability.

South America Political Map Printable

In recent months, there have been a series of protests and civil unrest in Venezuela, where the government of President Nicolas Maduro faces widespread opposition criticism for its policies. This unrest has led to widespread violence and the mass exodus of Venezuelans into neighboring countries. In Argentina, the constitutional crisis that began in December 2017 has yet to be resolved. The president, Mauricio Macri, was voted out of office earlier this year after a campaign marred by allegations of fraud. There are now multiple governments in place – including one led by the former president – making it difficult to discern what will happen next.

South America is a large continent and has a rich history. It has been home to many different cultures and languages. Over time, the countries of South America have become increasingly independent from one another. This has created a number of political issues that must be addressed if the continent is to continue to grow and prosper.

south america political map printable


To date, South America Political Map has been successful in maintaining its independence through a variety of methods. The region has strong economic ties with other parts of the world, but it also maintains healthy diplomatic and trade relationships with its neighbors. The continent’s various nations are able to cooperate on certain issues while working toward their own individual goals.

Despite these successes, there are several challenges that await South America as it continues to grow and develop. One major issue is inequality. While some countries are doing well economically, others are struggling.

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